We are a turn key financial accounting and service management company. We have vast and unprecedented  
  abilities and skills in the taxation and accounting spheres. Our expert staff guarantee that you will receive  
  the best end results, whether you require accounting, taxation, consulting or payroll management services.  
  If you are in need of a reliable and experienced accounting firm in South Africa, look no further than Rent  
  an Accountant. We look forward to our ever growing services and our dynamic development.  
  Tax Services   Value Added Tax   SARS Disputes  
  We provide comprehensive advice   We provide advice and support    We will deal with all queries and  
  as well as practical support for   for all VAT arrangements to   verify the basis of any supposed  
  all tax affairs >>   reduce related costs >>   SARS disputes >>  
  Accounting Services   Bookkeeping   Payroll  
  We will tailor our range of tax   We will ensure accurate books    We will make sure that your   
  accounting services to help you  
are kept, allowing you to focus 
  employees are paid the correct  
  achieve your business goals >>   building your business >>   amount on time >>  
  CIPC   BEE    Workman's compensation  
  We will register your new    We will advise and implement   We will register your company so  
  company and lodge all company   procedures to obtain a level   that company workers can claim for  
  secretarial documentation >>   suited in the market >>   occupation injuries and diseases >>  
  QuickBooks   CIDB   UIF